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Vinyl Flooring

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What is Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Dubai?

Vinyl flooring is a synthetic material used in flooring that is affordable, durable, and easier to install than any other type of flooring. Portions of colored PVC are warmed up and later made into thin layers by pressing it adhered to make flexible sheets of vinyl that can be cut into plants or tiles. Vinyl planks and tiles are gaining much popularity owing to their quality like versatility, realistic appearances like wood plank and stone tile, and more importantly the ability to hold up in moist environments. Vinyl flooring can be colored and textured to favor various materials like wood, ceramic, and stone. Vinyl is often confused with other flooring types like laminate and linoleum flooring. If you are looking for affordable Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Dubai, Z & S is here to make your floors look good!

Benefits of Vinyl Flooring In Dubai

Easy maintenance

There is a resilient protective coating that enhances the resistance to dirt and stains. So cleaning these floors can be really easy. It will always look new with proper maintenance. You can always contact Z & S for PVC flooring in Dubai to make life more comfortable and easier.

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Simple installation

With the improvement of vinyl tiles as an alternative to inconvenient and bulky rolls, it comes with easier installation. These tiles have plastic backs that reveal adhesive when peeled off and pressed to place. This makes it so much easier for the installation of flooring. Moreover, stained or scratched areas can be replaced with a new one instead of redoing the whole floor.

Durable And Resilient - Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Dubai

Vinyl flooring is very resistant compared to any other type of flooring. The engineered vinyl variety WPC is a wood-plastic composite that’s taken vinyl to the next level of durability. This means it can be prone to damage like scratching if it is not treated well.


Vinyl is one of the budget-friendly flooring types in the market. Prices can be varied compared to brand, pattern, and thickness, there are many affordable options available.


Vinyl brings an insulating layer that can bring a good look to your home. It is may more resistant to moisture and water compared to real wood flooring. Connect with us to get you the most convenient flooring, Z & S are the best Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Dubai.

Types of Vinyl Flooring in Dubai

Vinyl Plank

They are designed to approximate hardwood floors in designs that imitate many varieties of wood. People favor vinyl planks for their characteristics like stain resistance, water resistance, and easy maintenance. This type of vinyl flooring is good for places with heavy traffic and spaces prone to wear and tear.

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)

Modern vinyl flooring tiles are basically known as vinyl composite tiles (VCT) and are made by combining filler materials, thermoplastic binders, color pigments, and pulverized limestone. This type of flooring is made by combining these materials into sheets, and then cutting them into tiles. Vinyl Composite Tile requires low maintenance.

Sheet Vinyl

It comprises a polymer material of continuous sheets specifically manufactured in widths of 6-16 feet. It can come in wide rolls of about 8-12 feet which has better repelling quality. Smaller spaces require no seams at all to fill the room with the entirely impermeable flooring material. It is quite popular but it is being replaced by luxury vinyl flooring recently.

Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile

It has more layers than normal vinyl flooring and is around five times thicker. It can bring realism effects to the flooring, especially in the case of imitating stone or wood. They are designed using 3D printers, which makes them a great choice when you are trying to replicate wood or stone-like flooring. They are more durable than normal vinyl flooring and if you are looking for luxury vinyl flooring in Dubai, we are right here!