PVC Flooring Dubai

PVC Flooring

 What is PVC flooring?

Are you looking for PVC flooring suppliers in Dubai but are quite confused by terminologies like Vinyl and PVC? PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, sometimes known as vinyl! That's right, PVC flooring is the same as vinyl flooring. Polyvinyl chloride is simply a fancy term for it!

PVC is the world's third-most-produced plastic polymer. Aside from flooring, it's utilized in a variety of other applications, including pipes, cladding, insulation, and even medical supplies. PVC flooring has become a common synonym for vinyl flooring since so many people are familiar with it.

PVC flooring is scratch-resistant and waterproof, although hardwood can cost twice as much per square meter as vinyl. Aside from price and durability, modern technology has allowed producers to create PVC flooring products that look and feel just like real hardwood, stone, and ceramic tile. To the naked eye, it is difficult to distinguish between vinyl flooring and genuine natural materials such as wood, ceramic, or stone.

The advantages of PVC flooring 

Let’s review some of the advantages of PVC flooring.

  • Strong and Durable 

Due to the protective top layer on top of the core layer, PVC flooring can last for at least 25 years. The stronger the PVC top layer and the more durable the core, the more the floor can take and remain beautiful over time.

  •  Easy Maintenance

PVC flooring has a smooth and waterproof surface. The top layer prevents moisture and debris from penetrating which makes the flooring very easy to clean and maintain. Frequent vacuuming and/or mopping is sufficient enough to keep the floor clean and sanitary. Z&S offers maintenance products that are specifically created for PVC floor maintenance.

  • Sound-absorb properties

PVC floors are known for their sound-absorbing properties, which come in handy if you live in a flat/apartment building. Due to the different layers in the flooring, you can move through the space softly without making any sound.

  • 100% water resistant 

PVC floors are water-resistant and perfect for usage in bathrooms and kitchens. If you have children or pets, this is also a nice floor to have. Accidents or spills, even if not immediately visible, are quickly resolved, with no special cleaning products or permanent damage.

Categories of PVC flooring 

To choose the best PVC flooring for your home, you must first understand the many options. The cost of PVC flooring is also a significant consideration. You will be able to make a better-informed decision regarding your purchase after you understand the distinctions between the various varieties and the PVC flooring pricing. Z&S Carpets, the finest PVC flooring Dubai experts will guide you through the different categories of PVC flooring best for your needs.

Vinyl or PVC tiles 

These types of tiles are also known as Luxury Vinyl Tiles aka LVT. LVTs are made to seem like slate, granite, and marble, among other things, whereas LVPs are made to look like wood. They are sold in square pieces rather than rectangular planks like LVPs. Vinyl tile PVC flooring is more expensive than sheet vinyl but less expensive than planks.

Vinyl or PVC sheet flooring

These are huge sheets that are cut to fit the dimensions of your place. They are more classic and are no longer a popular flooring choice. Sheet vinyl PVC flooring prices are very high.

Vinyl PVC plank flooring 

They are one of the most popular faux wood flooring solutions on the market and are also known as luxury vinyl planks or LVP. They are weatherproof and can be used to make any type of wooden floor. Depending on the product, these planks might have either a stiff core or a flexible core. Vinyl planks are more expensive than other types of PVC floors in terms of PVC flooring price.