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Laminate Flooring Dubai

Laminate Flooring is a synthetic floor covering that is made to resemble wood or stone flooring. For decades, it has been a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts. Traditionally, it was a less expensive alternative to actual wood. Without the assistance of a professional floor fitter, any competent house renovator can install Laminate Flooring. Although the intention was for it to look and feel like hardwood flooring, it was extremely easy to tell the difference.  Laminate Flooring in Dubai has become increasingly popular due to its cost-effective flooring option and versatility. These types of flooring are a great choice for residential and commercial purposes.

Laminate Flooring is composed of four layers: 1) wear, 2. design, 3. core, and a back layer and each layer is fused together with extreme heat and pressure. Due to its multi-layer composition, it is an incredibly durable product. Laminate is scratch-resistant, and it is quite easy to maintain. Laminate's resilience allows for the absorption of high traffic, making it a perfect flooring choice for active families with kids and pets running around.

Advantages of HDF & MDF flooring 

High-Density Fiberboard flooring, often known as HDF flooring, is one of the most popular engineered hardwood flooring solutions. Meanwhile, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is produced by combining wood fibre sheets with thermosetting resins under high heat and pressure, resulting in a board with a constant and close-packed fibre distribution. If you're not sure if HDF flooring or MDF flooring is the perfect Laminate Flooring Dubai option for your house, keep reading to learn more about some of the advantages of using them.


Advantages of High-Density Fibreboard

  • High Resistance against Moisture

HDF flooring is more resistant to moisture, which reduces the likelihood of your flooring expanding.

  • Strong Durability

Due to the strength and hardness of the HDF core, engineered flooring is more durable. Its high-density property also makes it much easier to cut/drill without making any damage. 

  • Easy Maintenance

One of the primary advantages of using HDF flooring is that it is surprisingly simple to maintain.

Advantages of  Medium Density Fibreboard ( MDF)

  • Cost-effective 

MDF is more affordable than plywood or any type of wood. 

  • Say No to Termites and Insects 

MDF is a type of engineered wood created by glueing layers of wood fibre together, and the glue used to create MDF acts as a termite inhibitor.

  • Low VOC and Formaldehyde Emission

MDF is neutral enough to not emit any unwanted VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) in your home at room temperature.

Why choose us for Laminate Flooring?

The features listed above will explain why Laminate Flooring is becoming increasingly popular. And it is always vital to look into the material's essential characteristics before selecting to utilise it for building or decoration.

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