Deck Flooring in Dubai

Deck Flooring

What Is Deck Flooring?

It is a type of wood flooring that is designed to cover outdoor surfaces. WPC decking, which is commonly known as composite decking, is a special kind of decking material that incorporates both plastic and wood. WPC, which stands for Wood Plastic Composite, is a composite comprised of additives and 45% wood fibers, and 55% HDPE. Basically, it is like the luxury vinyl of the flooring market. It looks hassle-free that can save you from maintenance costs, termites, and many more. This type of flooring is really easy to maintain, you can just wash it off with soap and water when its gets soiled. It can bring an elegant look to your balcony. Contact Deck Flooring in UAE to get your walls a makeover. Furthermore, it is effortless to install and some of the wood species are normally resistant to the actions of external agents. Some of the durable wood species that don’t require conservation treatments are teak, iroko, and ipe.       

Benefits of WPC Deck Flooring

WPC deck flooring is gaining attention and the demand for WPC decking is expected to grow. It offers a list of advantages and is a rival to standard decking. Following are some of the benefits of WPC deck flooring.

Low Maintenance

You don’t have to be worried about the staining and sanding of the WPC decking. The occasional soap and water cleaning is enough for effective maintenance. Walls can be decorated with deck tiles. Give a call to our deck flooring suppliers in Dubai to enhance your space. 


WPC decking has a plastic containment that has enhanced its durability over the alternatives. You can also add beauty to the wall with Deck Flooring Dubai which is highly durable.


Although WPC decking Dubai may cost more initially, it keeps an exceptional appearance year after year and requires almost no maintenance. So you can spend more time and money on other matters. WPC decking will last longer than its timber substitutes, which results in lower overall replacement and maintenance expenses.


WPC Deck flooring is made to last and has properties that don’t impact the environment. These are typically composed of recycled products or materials that have been derived from resources that are kept. You never have to replace the materials more often in WPC decking. You can always seek our WPC decking suppliers in UAE to acquire sustainable flooring materials. 

Types of Deck Flooring?

Multi-Tier Deck

A multi-tier deck is ideal for a large property. There would be various levels of decking that will be connected usually by paths or steps. Multi-tier decking is perfect if you have hills, slopes, or rocky landscapes. The benefits of this type of deck flooring include creating distinct spaces at various levels and maximizing your space.     

Attached Deck 

It is very similar to a patio, except that it is made from wood composite decking materials or wood. It is probably attached to the back of a U-shaped or L-shaped house. It can provide extra living space and even give shade with an additional overhead roof.   

Detached Deck

This type of deck flooring is more like an island and can be placed anywhere on the property with pathway or stairs access. It can be done on areas of uneven, rocky, or bumpy terrain and complemented by landscaping flowerbeds around it. 

Rooftop Decking

It is good for homes with a flat roof. In this case, engineering aspects should be checked for the deck to be safe and secure. This provides a better view of landscapes than ground-level decks with more privacy. 

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