What is the Best Flooring for Kids & Pets?

POSTED ON March 31,2023
What is the Best Flooring for Kids & Pets

If you are a parent or an individual with kids and pets, you might be really concerned about the types of flooring, furniture, and everything inside the home. Flooring is much more than looks, so you might be thinking, What is the Best Flooring for Kids & Pets? It is important to consider the daily wear and tear pets and kids could bring. You should look for durable materials to fill your home. Some of the best happenings in life like pets and kids should feel their house like a home. You don’t want to make your home a huge mess just because your toddler spills some juice on the floor. Moreover, your pet decided to scratch off the floor. You would be free and enjoy your time if you choose the ideal flooring for kids and pets rather than cleaning your floors all the time. So let’s discuss the flooring options you can choose that are resistant to spills, scratches, and accidents while keeping it comfortable and safe. Get the ideal type of flooring from one of the best flooring companies in Dubai.     

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

One of the best and most versatile flooring options for kids, dogs, and other pets is luxury vinyl flooring. It is available in various colors as well as patterns and is very easy to clean and requires very low maintenance. Depending on the type of luxury vinyl flooring you choose, it can be waterproof or water-resistant which is easy to clean up accidents and spills with ease. Moreover, vinyl flooring is stain and scratch resistant which made them an ideal flooring option for kids and pets. However, they can dull over time just like any other type of flooring.  

Hardwood Flooring

It is known for its great finishing touch and looks. You can pick a wood that scores maximum on the Janka hardness scale. Ratings below 850 are supposed to be softwood and ratings above 1250 are considered a hardwood. A list of hardwood flooring that is good for kids and pets includes maple, cherry, oak, hickory, sycamore, and walnut. They score high on the Janka hardness scale which is considered resistant to scratch. Softwood floors include fir, chestnut, and pine. These types will easily be scratched with daily wear from pets and kids. Some hardwood flooring comes with extra coatings that make the flooring more resistant to water, scratch, and stain.    

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Artificial Grass 

It is one of the best options to install artificial grass in your outdoors which is perfectly safe for dogs and children. Dogs love to play on and this flooring is soft enough to let them roll. The fibers that are used in making artificial grass are meant to be soft beneath the feet. There is not much difference between natural lawns and artificial grass. This type of flooring is a better option if you are in search of a durable, mess-free choice.  

Eva Mat 

It is considered to be an ideal alternative to PVC which doesn’t need plasticizers like phthalates and is BPA-free. It is best to be installed in playrooms where children who are crawling or in the process of learning to walk with a non-slippery surface. It is a safe option for the kids to explore with various vibrant colors. 

Cork Flooring

This type of flooring is naturally antimicrobial which reduces the growth of mold and other allergy-spreading bacteria. For families with young toddlers and children, this can bring a huge impact on their health and is a good option for the playroom. Moreover, cork flooring is one of the most malleable and soft surfaces you can use for a floor that is comfortable for your kids and pets. It is convenient to maintain and clean compared to other types of flooring. Cork is the best option if you are looking for a wood surface but is concerned about pet paws. It won’t be noticeable with a scratch.    

In conclusion, finding an ideal type of flooring for your kids and pets can be a daunting task. Note that you don't have to select a single type of flooring for your whole home. You can combine various floors like laminate in the kitchen, carpet, cork, or rubber flooring where the pets and kids spend most of their time. Z & S is one of the reliable flooring companies Dubai to get you the ideal type of flooring according to your requirements and environment. No more concerns about quality products and low prices as we provide b2b prices and large stocks.