Vinyl Flooring Maintenance and Care: How to Keep Your Floors Gleaming

POSTED ON August 17,2023
Vinyl Flooring Maintenance and Care: How to Keep Your Floors Gleaming

If you're a proud owner of vinyl floors, you know how they can add charm and style to your space. With great vinyl comes great responsibility! But don't worry; we've got your back. In this blog  ‘Vinyl Flooring Maintenance and Care: How to Keep Your Floors Gleaming’ we'll spill the secrets to keep your luxury vinyl flooring in Dubai gleaming like new. 

We'll also discuss some of the easy-to-follow tips, do's, and don'ts when it comes to vinyl flooring. These simple yet effective methods will ensure your vinyl floors stay fabulous for years to come. So, let's discuss.

What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring is one of the most common floor covering choices in both home and commercial spaces. The flooring is made up of synthetic and natural polymer components that can resemble floorings like hardwood, marble, or stone floorings.  There are various types of vinyl flooring available in the market including sheet, tile, and plank.

They are also known as PVC vinyl flooring since they are typically made of polyvinyl chloride. They are easy replacements for damaged tiles. Vinyl planks also imitate the look of hardwood with enhanced durability and water resistance.

The benefits of vinyl flooring are so many. It is very cost-effective compared to natural materials like hardwood or stone. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and needs minimal maintenance, and offers excellent resistance to stains and spills. Its soft and cushioned surface provides comfort underfoot and helps reduce noise. It also offers a softer and warmer surface compared to tiles or hardwood, enhancing comfort.

Also, vinyl flooring is a suitable option for DIY installation due to its user-friendly click-and-lock systems. The resilience feature of vinyl also reduces the risk of accidental breakage of dropped items, making it a safe and practical flooring option. With its high durability, versatility, and budget-friendliness, vinyl flooring has become a preferred choice for many homeowners.

How To Clean and Maintain Vinyl Flooring

Picking Up:  One of the easiest ways to clean vinyl floors is by picking up the dirt on the floor.  Even though the dirt might not cause any issues on your vinyl, small or any pieces of dirt that are stuck in shoes might scratch the surface of your flooring over time. So picking up dirt is an excellent place to start.

Sweep/Vacuum: You can sweep or vacuum the dirt away. To avoid damage, make sure to turn off your vacuum's beater bar.  It is necessary to sweep or vacuum your flooring at least once in a week. You may need to clean your floor more frequently if you have a dirt driveway, pets, or children.

Vinyl Floor Cleaner:  When it comes to flooring cleaners, it's best to consult the experts at Z&S Carpets, one of the top vinyl flooring suppliers in Dubai for an approved vinyl floor cleaner. It is necessary to get the manufacturer’s guidelines before using certain chemicals on the flooring since they can damage the protective layer on the vinyl flooring. Non-abrasive mops are also the finest alternative for cleaning and caring for vinyl.

Handling Spills and Stain on Vinyl Flooring

Handling spills and stains on your Luxury vinyl flooring Dubai can be a breeze if you know the right techniques. So, try to picture this scenario: you accidentally knocked over a glass of coffee while hosting a gathering at your place. But, don't panic! But make sure that you are cleaning the floor. 

Because immediate action is crucial for liquid spills since leaving it like that for a long time will affect your flooring. Grab a clean cloth or paper towel and gently blot the spill, starting from the edges and working your way to the center. Avoid too much rubbing, as that can spread the stain. Once you've removed most of the liquid, wipe the area with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly.

Vinyl Flooring Protection:  Care using Rugs & Furniture Pads

First off, rugs and mats are your best friends when it comes to safeguarding high-traffic areas. Even if it's the entrance to your home, the kitchen, or the hallway, placing rugs or mats in these spots will help shield the vinyl from high foot traffic.  Besides adding a touch of style to your space, they also trap dirt and debris preventing it from scratching your beautiful floors. Plus, they're super easy to clean, so no worries there!

Next up, let's talk about furniture pads and floor protectors for Vinyl Flooring Dubai. Those chair legs and table corners might not seem harmful, but trust me, they can do some serious damage to your vinyl over time. So,  you can make use of furniture pads or floor protectors and attach them to the bottom of your furniture pieces. This little trick will create a buffer between the furniture and your vinyl and prevent scratches and dents. Plus, moving furniture around becomes a breeze, so no more dreaded screeching sounds!

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Vinyl Floors

  • Do not allow spills to dry on the floor.

  • To avoid damage, mop up spills as soon as they occur.

  • Don’t vacuum with the beater bar on. Always switch off the beater bar.

  • Don't aggressively scrub the floor.

  • Don't use steel wool to remove stains from vinyl floors. When relocating, avoid dragging heavy items over the floor. 

  • Use furniture pads to prevent scratches and dents, and always raise rather than slide furniture to avoid scuff marks or dents.

  • When cleaning vinyl floors, avoid using too much water. To maintain the product, do not use any cleaning procedures that are not specified on the manufacturer's label.

  • Even though your vinyl floors are waterproof, do not steam clean them.

In conclusion, Vinyl Flooring is not only known for its stunning nature but also for its long-lasting feature. Your flooring can last for many years if you take good care of it. Besides, if you are having any difficulty with the maintenance issues of your vinyl flooring, get in touch with the professionals at Z&S Carpets for expert assistance.