Transform Your Space: Exploring the Advantages of Wall Cladding

POSTED ON July 10,2023
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Wall Cladding offers a wide range of stylish options to modify your walls into appealing and attractive ones. There are so many cladding options available to suit your preferences and requirements in creating an attractive interior as well as exterior walls of your dream home. Our flooring company in Dubai invites you to a huge array of different types of wall cladding designs that are perfectly fit for the weather conditions of Dubai. Continue reading the blog ‘Transform Your Space: Exploring the Advantages of Wall Cladding to understand more about wall cladding.

What is Wall Cladding?

Wall cladding is a practical solution to provide visual appeal and protection to the walls. Wall Cladding gains great importance in this changing weather and other unpredicted harsh climatic conditions of Dubai. It adds moisture- resistance, durability, and insulation to the wall when the wall is covered with stone, wood, metal, PVC, WPC, or composite panels. You probably reached this site owing to your search for top wall cladding suppliers in Dubai. Check out our other flooring options as well.

Types of Wall Cladding

Walls can be protected with wood, PVC, WPC, or other composite panels. The significance, purpose, and procedure vary according to the type of wall cladding you prefer. If you are planning to remodel your home, then your search for the best wall cladding supplier in UAE ends here. The following are a few common types of wall cladding we suggest for your Dubai homes.

WPC Co-Extrusion Wall Cladding

Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) Co-Extrusion Wall Cladding is a modern solution for walls that blends the natural look of wood with the weather-resistance capacity of plastic. It enhances durability and aesthetics offering a wide range of design options in various colours. It provides exceptional protection against moisture, UV rays, and harsh environmental factors and adds stability and strength ensuring long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. WPC Co-extrusion Wall Cladding is an ideal sustainable choice for transforming your walls visually appealing and suitable for Dubai’s climatic conditions.

PVC Solid Wall Cladding

PVC Solid Wall Cladding is a durable solution for enhancing the look and functionality of both interior and exterior walls. It gives exceptional protection against stains and moisture which makes it suitable for commercial and residential purposes. You can easily customize your walls in unique designs, colors, and patterns with Z&S Carpets to add beauty and value to your traditional walls.

PVC Square Hollow Wall Cladding

PVC Square Hollow Wall Cladding is another pattern of wall cladding with almost the same features as PVC Solid Wall Cladding. The square shape adds a sleek and contemporary aesthetic with a modern touch to your walls. You can check our collection of PVC Square Hollow Wall Cladding to personalize your design for enhancing the elegance of your walls. 

PVC Round Hollow Wall Cladding

PVC Round Hollow Wall Cladding is a lightweight, easily installable, and affordable type of wall cladding. It is resistant to burning and has a lifetime warranty of almost 20 years. It can be used instead of wallpaper as it has a variety of options in case of designs, colors, and patterns for you to customize.

Advantages of Wall Cladding

Wall cladding possesses a lot of advantages as it became quite common for both residential and commercial spaces. Its visual appeal, functionalities, and other features increase its demand in the market. Here are a few advantages of wall cladding suggested by our wall cladding Dubai experts.

  • Protection

Wall cladding acts as a shield for the walls. It is a protective layer for the walls that safeguard it from external elements such as UV rays, moisture, and climatic changes. It helps to expand the longevity and minimize the maintenance of the walls. 

  • Aesthetic Enhancement

The major purpose of wall cladding in modern times is to make it visually appealing. A change from old and rustic walls to modern designed ones is a complete change of ambiance. By wall cladding, you can decide the texture, design, and material of your walls. This gives you satisfaction and peace of mind under the roof. 

  • Sound Resistance

Wall cladding ensures sound insulation which makes it perfect for places near noisy areas. Places like offices, hotels, and residential buildings adopt wall cladding to ensure peace and calm inside their buildings. 

  • Customization

If you are worrying about your traditional bare walls, wall cladding is the best option to customize your walls. Z&S Carpets offers a wide range of wall cladding options in terms of texture, color, patterns, and the process of installation. This allows you to broaden your idea and creativity through customization that enables you to get unique and personalized designs that perfectly suits your particular preferences and requirements.

  • Low Maintenance

Most wall cladding materials demand low maintenance. This attracts people as well. They are resistant to fading, staining, and weathering which minimizes the need for repainting and refurbishment. 

Maintenance of Wall Cladding

Maintenance of Wall Cladding is comparatively easy and simple.  Regular cleaning with any mild detergent is always recommended by manufacturers. Consider cleaning stains as soon as possible. Check for damages especially on the fixings and joints often to stop it from getting worse. Above all, try to follow the guidelines of the manufacturer for better results. 

To recapitulate, wall cladding is a versatile option that adds style and protection to your traditional walls. It offers endless possibilities to create unique, stunning, and personalized wall surfaces that enhance the appearance and ambiance of your space.