The Benefits Of Artificial Grass For Schools And Playgrounds

POSTED ON November 27,2023
artificial grass in Dubai

A revolutionary change in schools and playgrounds has been seen in recent years; it is all about the introduction of artificial grass. Beyond its elegance, artificial grass has been transforming all aspects from safety to maintenance, creating a serene environment for the kids. In the blog ‘The benefits of artificial grass for schools and playgrounds’, we take you through the top benefits that make artificial grass the best for schools and playgrounds in Dubai. Now, let us know the secrets that make artificial grass in Dubai stand out, conveying innovation, resilience, and promise for a better tomorrow.

Understanding Artificial Grass

Artificial grass, which replicates the look and feel of natural grass without much maintenance demands, is a revolutionary landscaping solution that has become a popular choice in Dubai in recent times. Z&S Carpets, one of the top artificial grass suppliers in Dubai has grass made with advanced materials that provide them a lush and green surface throughout the year regardless of any weather conditions. Its top-notch properties such as UV resistance and slip resistance prevent it from fading and falling respectively. In the city of Dubai, this has become popular especially with its water conservation benefits, as it requires no fertilizing or watering. Artificial grass, nowadays, is used in various settings like sports fields, commercial spaces, residential areas, playgrounds, and urban environments where green, safe, and visually appealing spaces that are of low maintenance are in demand. Thus, in this technologically evolving world, artificial grass has become a popular choice because of its stunning properties. 

Is Artificial Grass Safer Than Natural Grass?

In this ever-evolving landscape of flooring solutions, artificial grass emerged as a modern alternative to real grass with better properties. This has become a popular choice, especially in Dubai with its minimal maintenance requirements like regular watering, periodical trimming, and timely fertilizing, which saves the time and money of the owners. If you planning to install artificial grass in the school or playground, it would be the best decision ever made as it has the capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions, such as hot sun or heavy rain effortlessly, ensuring a lush green and vibrant appearance all year-round. As our artificial grass is manufactured with advanced high-quality materials, it is durable, resisting wear and tear even in high-traffic areas. Unlike natural grass which shows damage over time, our artificial grass does not show any signs of yellowing or patches, keeping it in its pristine condition for years to come.

6 Benefits of Artificial Grass for Schools and Playgrounds

Are you wondering about what makes artificial grass so popular in schools and playgrounds in Dubai? Artificial grass, unlike natural grass, is a highly convenient option according to the climate of the city and its functionality. From keeping the knees safe for the kids at school to minimal maintenance, non-allergic properties, durability, and aesthetic appeal it provides, artificial grass has emerged as a shining star for the outdoor spaces of schools where students are allowed to play and spend their free hours safe and sound. The following are certain notable benefits of artificial grass, let us have a look at them. 

Keep Knees Safe
When considering schools and playgrounds specifically, artificial grass acts as a guard for little knees. As these grasses are made of soft surface materials, they provide a safe space for kids when they engage in playing around with their favorite games. It keeps them safe from knee injuries as well as bruised elbows during their playtime. Thus, artificial grass makes the leisure time of the kids more enjoyable, without compromising on safety, promising peace of mind for teachers as well as parents. 

Less Maintenance
If you consider natural grass surfaces, you know that they demand keen attention and high maintenance like fertilizing, trimming, and watering; over-watering can even cause muddy grounds as well! Here comes the most suitable solution for such concerns! Artificial grass demands only less maintenance requirements to keep it in its pristine condition. So, why more thoughts? Say bye to the regular watering, cleaning, trimming, and fertilizing, and welcome the apt solution that does not demand constant care, artificial grass. By this, you can save your valuable time, and save money from going behind these maintenance procedures. 

As health is your primary consideration, artificial grass is the best non-allergic companion. As you know, natural grass can cause different allergic reactions, especially in children with sensitive skin. Artificial grass comes with a hypoallergenic surface that allows children to engage in outdoor activities and play games without bothering itchy skin or sneezing. Let children enjoy the simple joys of childhood.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass is designed to withstand high-foot traffic without causing any wear and tear. Natural grass can be found patchy in areas of high traffic, in that case, artificial grass is a superhero! In schools and playgrounds, artificial grass is the best option as it does not hurt those little legs and stays in its best condition for many years to come without causing any great damage. Considering a long-term investment, artificial grass is the best for playgrounds. 

Brighten Up Space
Artificial grass in its lush green color has a great impact on the learning environment for kids. This provides them with a fresh ambiance to learn and play with vibrancy in the school and playgrounds. Its color brightens up space, creating a positive atmosphere that inspires creativity in the minds of the students. 

To conclude, artificial grass, provided by leading flooring companies Dubai, has been a transformative landscape solution in the outdoors, especially for schools and playgrounds with its attractive features such as safety, convenience, and visual appeal. From keeping little knees safe during play to requiring less maintenance, its non-allergenic properties, durability, and vibrant green lush aesthetics make it the ideal choice. More than transforming outdoor spaces, it creates a sense of positivity and inspiration in students to learn and play. Thus, what more to say, artificial grass is a promise for a brighter, greener future in the educational settings of Dubai.