Rubber Flooring Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Floors in Top Shape

POSTED ON August 16,2023
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In this era where rubber flooring has emerged as a trend, it has become essential to focus on its maintenance to ensure its durability for several years. The increased demand for rubber flooring in commercial spaces, gyms, or other places due to its exceptional durability and resilience demands effective cleaning and maintenance tips. By understanding and implementing these tips, you can make it a long-term investment by preventing wear and tear and creating an inviting space. The blog, ‘Rubber Flooring Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Floors in Top Shape’ delves into the major tips that assist you in cleaning and maintaining your rubber floors in their original state for years to come. Z&S Carpets, the best rubber flooring supplier in UAE has top-quality materials for rubber flooring in a wide range of designs like rubber tile, coin rubber, coin tile, checker rubber, EVA mat, dot rubber, etc which suits your interests and preferences. You can consult our experts to select the best according to the functionality of the space. 

What is Rubber Flooring?

Rubber flooring is a resilient type of flooring material that is made from compounds of natural rubber or synthetic rubber. This type of flooring is famous for its features of resistance to wear and tear, capacity to absorb shock, and durability in various sectors like healthcare, industry, and other commercial spaces. Also, rubber flooring helps in noise reduction, slip resistance, and underfoot comfort. It is available in different forms such as tiles, sheets, and rolls that are easily installable by interlocking or adhesion mechanisms. Moreover, it is eco-friendly in the sense that it can also be made from the recycling of rubber materials. Rubber flooring is a popular choice over other types of flooring options especially in gyms, schools, hospitals, commercial areas, and residential spaces due to its safety feature and durability. 

Maintenance Tips for Rubber Flooring

One of the popular choices in flooring, rubber flooring, requires proper maintenance techniques to keep its appearance and functionality in its original condition for many years. Here are some of the maintenance tips that will help you to preserve the life and the visual appeal of rubber floors. 

Regular Cleaning

To keep your rubber floors clean, you must ensure proper cleaning is done regularly. In residential areas, you can sweep once every two days or once every week using a broom or a mop to remove tiny dust particles from the area. In public or commercial areas frequent cleaning cannot be practical, instead, you can clean it once a week using vacuum cleaners to maintain it in its original clean state. Experts from our flooring company in Dubai give you proper guidelines on the cleaning process when you make a purchase from our store. 

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

You have to be careful to avoid using harsh chemicals especially while cleaning the floors. Using those chemicals may cause damage to the material of rubber flooring that results in fading shade as well as irregularity in its surfaces. Thus, clean your rubber floors using a brush, a broom, a vacuum cleaner, or a mop. 

Remove Stains Immediately    

Ensure that all spills and stains are cleaned immediately. Mostly, rubber flooring is resistant to minor sorts of stains; in case you find any spills on it, clean it soon to avoid its marks. This helps you to keep your rubber floors clean for many years. 

Use a Doormat at the Entrances

Using a doormat at the entrances helps you to keep your floors clean from massive dirt from the outdoors. Commercial places as well as houses with multiple and more foot traffic in and out are always recommended to use doormats to maintain the indoor clean for longer times. People who clean these areas find the use of doormats as a life-savour. 

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