How Good Is Artificial Grass Surface for Sports Fields?

POSTED ON June 14,2023
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A sports field must have a safe and reliable playing surface for the better performance of the players. The maintained field decides the performance of the game and also minimizes injury risks. Artificial grass is a perfect material for sports, playgrounds, and practice fields and is an excellent alternative to natural grass. It is used in many sports fields like football, golf, tennis, badminton, baseball, field hockey, etc. When it comes to maintenance, artificial grass requires less and no maintenance compared with traditional grass fields. You can contact Z & S Carpets, artificial grass suppliers in Dubai to get the effective installation of artificial grass in golf and football fields. 

Benefits of Artificial Grass On Sports Fields

With intensive sports activities and frequent use, it is difficult to maintain the playing surface, but don’t worry when you have artificial grass in front of you! Following are the advantages of artificial grass. 

  1. Weatherproof

One of the main features of artificial turf is that it is used regardless of the weather conditions. It doesn’t depend on any natural energy to do its work. It won’t get slippery or muddy in rainy weather and can even endure severe winter conditions. They are safe and stable in any weather conditions which makes them a perfect choice for the sports field. You can even prepare the ground to play after rain real quick.   

  1. Low Maintenance 

Natural grass is difficult to maintain compared to artificial grass as the maintenance comes with high rates that need proper watering, cleaning, trimming, mowing, and fertilizing to keep it healthy, whereas, artificial grass outdoors and indoors can be a lot easier to maintain. It won’t grow and just needs light brushing to make it look pure and spotless. Players can enjoy their time in the field while saving on maintenance costs.  

  1. Durable

A sports turf that is made with artificial grass can endure more intense activities than natural grass. You don't have to worry about replacing the surface after an intense game. Fake grass is made to withstand heavy foot traffic and it won't be damaged like real grass. It can easily withstand over 500 hours of continuous play, you don't have to face downtime after each game. You can get artificial grass in UAE which is ideal for hosting multiple sporting events.   

  1. Positive Impact on the Environment

Switching to artificial grass has many benefits and one of them is that you can save a lot of water. Natural grass fields need thousands of gallons of water which can be saved with the use of fake grass. You do not have to use fertilizers and pesticides. It creates a better impact on the environment as it keeps the surroundings clean and decreases carbon footprints by removing the need for lawnmowers. You can get artificial grass in Dubai to cover your golf and football fields effectively. 

  1. Safe Playing Surface

Safety is the predominant factor while the players perform. The intense game can tear up natural grass and other natural weather conditions like rain can make it difficult to have a nice match. Moreover, artificial turf causes less friction on the skin and the surface which results in fewer injuries, abrasions, twisted ankles, and other issues. Artificial football surfaces are made to enhance the safety of the players and keep down injuries. 

The even surface encourages smooth play of the team without any bumps on the surface. There won’t be so many stumbles and tumbles. Furthermore, you are less likely to skid and slip by avoiding ripped tendons and pulled muscles. Introducing shock pads beneath the surface of the turf decreases the impact of the injuries and long-term injuries that can badly affect your joints. Players can enjoy the game fully with synthetic grass surfaces on sports fields without worrying about the weather conditions.   

  1. Long-Lasting

Maintaining natural grass is a daunting task and requires time as well as effort. Natural grass can fade away in the long run. Artificial grass can be maintained fresh and clean with very less maintenance. Natural grass can invite muddy and slippery surfaces in rainy weather which can make it difficult for the players to perform their best. Furthermore, artificial grass can withstand frequent use and heavy sports activities.  

  1. Versatile 

Another good quality of artificial grass is that it is versatile and can accommodate more sports in the field. Natural grass can take on more sports but it can grow old and tiring which needs to be well-maintained. Not to mention that it needs high maintenance to keep the quality of the natural grass. Modern turf with artificial grass provides more benefits than natural grass owing to its durable and versatile qualities. You can perform any sport and enhance your facilities without spending much on the budget.   

To recapitulate it is essential to provide a safe surface for the players to have the utmost fun while they play. Artificial grass provides a reliable surface that gives a positive impact on the overall performance and environment. Artificial grass has become a vital part of sports as they provide a safe and reliable playing surface that promises fun. It has many benefits including durability, resistance to weather conditions, and can be used anywhere convenient. It is more eco-friendly than natural grass which needs an abundance of water and energy to keep it clean and well-maintained. Contact our artificial grass suppliers in UAE to assist you in choosing the right artificial grass for your football fields. Experience the utmost fun of sports with our artificial grass!