Artificial Grass vs. Natural Grass: Which is the Right Choice for Your Lawn?

POSTED ON July 10,2023
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Maintaining a lush and green lawn is an ever time goal for most of you. More than the aesthetic look it gives, a green lawn is visually pleasing and invites the overall beauty and value of your space. When it comes to selecting the right type of grass for your lawn, there comes confusion between artificial grass or natural grass. Z&S Carpets, the best artificial grass suppliers in Dubai, are here to help you to take a decision that suits your preferences and needs. Continue reading the blog ‘Artificial Grass vs. Natural Grass: Which is the Right Choice for Your Lawn?’ to discover which type of grass is the perfect fit for your lawn.

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial Grass is a trending alternative to natural grass in various kinds of landscapes. It is a blend of fibers that offers low maintenance, durability, and lush green all year around which makes it a perfect choice for residential as well as commercial spaces. It is ideal for places of heavy foot traffic and extreme climatic conditions where it stays in its original form without watering, fertilizing, or mowing. Artificial grass stays for long years without any noticeable damage. It is the best option if you have pets; the grass does not get damaged by their silly activities. Thus, nowadays, artificial grass is vastly used instead of natural grass especially to avoid the hassle of traditional grass maintenance.

Features of Artificial Grass and Natural Grass

Grassy indoors and outdoors are always visually appealing. Increasing turfs and other grassy outdoors resulted in rising demand for artificial grass all around UAE. here are the major features of both artificial grass and natural grass which help you to make a basic comparison between them.

Artificial Grass

  • Durability: Artificial grass is manufactured to withstand harsh and extreme weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. It does not get damaged easily with bare patches and lasts for many years as well.
  • Low maintenance: Artificial grass does not need much maintenance like regular watering, fertilizing, mowing, or application of pesticides. This can save time, money, effort, and water, which is a major concern of Middle East countries.
  • Consistent greenery: Artificial grass stays green all year around regardless of the climatic change or change in the seasons. The lush green outdoors throughout the year is visually pleasing and satisfying. 

Natural Grass:

  • Natural grass provides a natural, soft, and authentic feel and comfort. Your underfoot can enjoy the raw feel of nature by walking on the natural grass. 
  • Natural grass always possesses a lot of environmental benefits such as it produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, reduces heat, and stays as a natural cooling agent which eventually maintains an ecological balance.
  • For our minds and body, natural grass is always preferred as it gives a fresh and pure feel.

Why Artificial Grass Is Considered Over Natural Grass?

In most situations, artificial grass is considered over natural grass due to several reasons. Low maintenance is the major attraction of it. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not need watering, fertilizing, mowing, or any other kind of maintenance. Moreover, artificial grass is highly durable with the capacity of withstanding heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions. 

Natural grass gets damaged easily in the changing climate and changes its color due to foliage. Whereas, artificial grass continues to be in its lush green all around the year. Natural grass should be watered regularly for its good maintenance which is a challenge in such a dry land like Dubai. Here, artificial grass takes the role of no watering and great maintenance. Even though natural grass cannot be replaced for its freshness, other features like maintenance, durability, and aesthetic appeal can be replaced and made simple with artificial grass.

Why Does Dubai Demand Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass in Dubai is highly preferred over natural grass for the outdoors in recent times. The hot and arid climate of Dubai makes it challenging for the maintenance of natural grass; this creates artificial grass a unique space and became a practical solution. The extreme climate and the intense sunlight in Dubai affect natural grass badly which results in its dryness and discolored patches. 

On the other hand, natural grass has the ability to withstand such harsh conditions remaining to be green and fresh all throughout the year. This makes it the best option for football turfs, golf grounds, playgrounds, exhibition areas, and other landscapes providing aesthetically pleasing functional outdoor space which requires very minimal maintenance. 

Moreover, the durability and resilience of artificial grass are perfectly suitable for Dubai’s public spaces with heavy foot traffic. Additionally, artificial grass requires only minimal keep-up; it reduces the time, cost, and effort associated with maintenance. 

To conclude, artificial grass in UAE emerges to be a better option for lawns and other outdoor spaces. Its low maintenance, capacity to thrive in any harsh weather conditions, and greenness all around the year make it ideal for residential, commercial, and public spaces keeping it visually appealing and a practical alternative to natural grass in Dubai’s landscape.

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