Artificial Grass Maintenance: Tips and Tricks for Long-Lasting Beauty

POSTED ON July 18,2023
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Artificial grass is getting popular day by day for its low maintenance requirements and its ability to stand any climatic conditions. It is easier to maintain and care for than natural grass which might need fertilizers to keep it feel fresh and healthy. You don't have to use harsh chemicals that can bring up allergies and other issues. Moreover, there is no need of watering them often. Even though artificial grass needs very less maintenance, you can still care for it to keep it fresh and green. This blog is about Artificial Grass Maintenance: Tips and Tricks for Long-Lasting Beauty. Continue reading this article to know more about taking care of and maintaining artificial grass lawns. Contact Z & S, If you are searching for quality artificial grass in Dubai.

Maintenance and Care of Artificial Grass

It is challenging to keep the stunning look of natural grass when it comes to traditional lawns as they are susceptible to various changes that lead to their dry and yellow condition. Artificial grass can overcome these issues and still provide a natural appearance. However, the texture of the artificial grass won’t stay perky forever. In the long run, artificial grass can lose its shape and fall to the ground. To avoid this, you have to maintain and care for artificial grass in simple ways like brushing and washing once a week. 

The artificial lawn can be swept by a broom to avoid the buildup of dust and dirt. Weather conditions in your place can also play a role in maintaining healthy artificial grass. Suppose the place you live in has good rainy days, you don't have to water it as the rain can naturally help in removing the dirt. Washing your lawn once a week can be beneficial if you live in an area with limited rainfall. Moreover, it is essential that you remove organic matter like sticks, dirt, and leaves from the lawn to avoid the growth of certain weeds and to maintain an amazing look. Contact artificial grass suppliers in UAE to get quality artificial grass from experts. Some of the ways to care for your artificial lawn are mentioned in the following.

Remove Stains

The majority of artificial grass is stain resistant but it can soak up spills and waste to make the grass stained in the long run. It is essential to keep them clean no matter what you have spilled on them like pop, coffee, juice, or anything. Keeping it can stain the grass which fades the quality of artificial grass. Remember to clean any stains at the moment without waiting much longer to clean them.   

Clean Pet Waste

If you have a furry friend, artificial grass is a great option. Pet waste doesn’t do any harm to artificial grass. You can easily let them play without any concern about destroying the lawn. However, you have to clean the lawn if there is any pet waste or urine on the lawn. Actually cleaning pet waste is quite simple, you have to wait till the solid waste is dry, then remove them. Most artificial grass drain liquids, however, you can rinse a vinegar-diluted solution to help with the odor and stains. 

 Keep Away Fungi and Molds

They are ubiquitous in any environment and artificial grass is also susceptible to the growth of fungi and mold. If the lawn is not cleaned properly, it is common to invite bacteria in warm and moist weather conditions. You can simply clean the areas where you see molds with hydrogen peroxide. This will help in killing the fungi and mold also residual odors. It is essential to prevent the growth of weeds on the grass surface to improve the long life of artificial grass.     

Brush the Lawn Once a Week

Artificial grass lawns can be properly maintained by just brushing them off when you feel like it needs to be groomed. You can use a broom or brush to improve the overall look of the artificial grass and enhance longevity. Combing with a brush can help in leveling high-traffic areas and reduce various damages on synthetic grass blades. Pets love grass texture and it can be easily filled with dust, so make sure you have removed the dust for a smooth play for your kids as well as pets.   

Preventing Deterioration

There can be many aspects for the reason for deterioration, but you can effectively overcome that by maintaining the artificial grass. You can avoid the growth of weeds, fire, and heavy use by properly taking care of the lawn. So clean the artificial lawn gently with biodegradable detergents or very dilute solutions of vinegar. Get quality artificial grass in UAE from Z & S and give your space a beautiful lawn that can be easily maintained. 

Look Out for Burns

Artificial lawns can be damaged by smoldering charcoal and burn from cigarettes as well as other sources. Avoid cigarettes and grill cooking on artificial grass to prevent this from happening. You can also seek fire-resistant artificial grass as it would melt but there won’t be any flames. 

Wash Away Debris

Synthetic grass can maintain its freshness by properly washing away stains and dirt that possibly fall on them. If your lawn doesn’t get enough rainfall, you can rinse the artificial grass with water that can remove any matter that is stuck on the lawn. It is preferred to use water to wash off the dust than using any chemical detergents that can be corrosive. Then, air dry the grass to make sure that your pet friend and kids don’t slip while playing on it. You can also remove the chances of getting allergies from synthetic grass as pollens would be accumulated on the grass and invite seasonal allergies. 

To conclude, artificial grass is one of the worthy investments that needs only little maintenance. Artificial Grass Maintenance: Tips and Tricks for Long-Lasting Beauty might have given you insights on effective cleaning and maintenance of synthetic grass for a long lifespan. Regularly maintaining artificial lawns and avoiding unnecessary incidents can expand the lifespan of synthetic lawns. So if you are looking for artificial grass suppliers in Dubai you are at the right place!