Artificial Grass Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide for Dubai Homeowners and Businesses

POSTED ON June 21,2023
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Artificial grass is attracting more and more homeowners as it is the finest alternative to the natural grass lawn. It is true that natural grass brings a supreme look to the lawn but many people have no time to maintain it. So if you are thinking about a low-maintenance yard, go for artificial grass. Knowing the steps to follow while installing artificial grass can let you know about the challenges and benefits that come along with it. Z & S Carpets artificial grass in UAE is easy to install as well as needs very less maintenance afterwards. Read along Artificial Grass Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide for Dubai Homeowners and Businesses.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

There are an array of benefits to the artificial lawn as it can withstand harsh weather conditions and has more life expectancy than natural turf. One of the main advantages of having artificial turf is that it needs very little maintenance. You don’t have to spend more time maintaining the perfect look of the grass. There are no more concerns about the green colour of the turf as it can maintain its colour for a longer period of time. Moreover, if you have a kid or pet, they can easily wander through the soft surface without any fear of being injured and have no more allergy issues. Contact an expert to install artificial grass in your area. Now let’s get into Artificial Grass Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide for Dubai Homeowners and Businesses.

Step-By-Step Guide on Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass can be installed on many types of surfaces and these guidelines will help you while installing artificial grass on your lawn. Let’s focus on the preparation included in installing artificial grass on the soil. Follow the Step-By-Step guide to know the installation procedure of artificial grass with fine touch at a reasonable rate. 

      1. Measure Your Lawn

The first step in the installation of your lawn starts with measuring the lawn to decide how much area needs to be covered with artificial grass. This will give you an idea of what tools and accessories you need to use. Moreover, it would be helpful to calculate the number of artificial grass rolls that are to be ordered which can minimize the amount of waste and ensure that the project is cost-effective.  

      2. Area Preparation

Start the preparation of the area by removing weeds and existing grass as well as other materials that could create a flat surface for the new lawn. You can spray natural and environmentally safe weed killers, two or three weeks prior to the removal of the surface, as this could take days to fully effect. Contact our experts who supply artificial grass in Dubai for effective installation. 

      3. Remove the Top Layer of Soil

If you are installing the artificial lawn over the soil, you have to dig 3 or 4 inches of the surface top to make room for the base of the new lawn. You can use various tools to help you dig up the soil. Then, prepare the soil evenly by removing existing plants and grass to make up the lawn. 

      4.Drainage Planning

You have to make an organized plan for the drainage system that can help with various issues that come after. If there is no drainage near the lawn, install a drainage system before you install artificial grass. 

      5. Add Base Material

Once you remove the top layer of the soil, you can use a shovel to evenly distribute the base material. 3 inches of the base material will help in avoiding slumping and improve drainage. You can use various tools to spread the sand or any base material to give a smooth top surface. 

      6. Set Up Artificial Grass

You can start unrolling the artificial grass mat. The yard covering the artificial grass should be under the sun for 30 mins to an hour for better conditions of the grass yarn. It is vital to stitch the patterns of multiple grass rolls in the same direction. Crossing the yarn direction can make the appearance of the rolls look poor. We recommend you seek professional artificial grass suppliers in Dubai or the experts in installation of artificial grass to not worry about the installation.

      7. Seam the Rolls Together

Just like the installation of artificial grass on soil, connecting the ends of turf pieces is easier with the help of turf glue or outdoor tape. This makes the turf look even on every end of the roll. 

      8. Trim Additional Turf

Lastly, after seaming the roll ends together and setting the adhesive. It is now time to trim the excess material that is present at the borders of the installed artificial turf. Cutting these edges with a razor or carpet knife would give them a fine and clean edge.  

To reiterate, installing artificial grass has its own benefits than natural lawn which needs to be perfectly maintained. This blog about Artificial Grass Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide for Dubai Homeowners and Businesses might help you while installing artificial grass in your yards. You can save a lot of money and time in the installation process of artificial grass. Contact artificial grass suppliers in UAE like Z & S Carpets to ensure the effective installation of artificial grass.