10 Ways to Use Artificial Grass For Your Home

POSTED ON May 30,2023

Artificial grass is claimed to be environmentally friendly as it doesn’t require water or any fertilizer like traditional grass. It is available in various textures, colors, and lengths that give the customers to choose a pattern that suits their space. How can you make it more unique and enhance your home? Owing to its durable nature, it is a good match in heavy traffic areas like in the areas of the garden and between pavers in the walkway. It can also be used on balconies and terraces to add a touch of green. In this blog, we will discuss 10 Ways to Use Artificial Grass For Your Home. It demands an initial investment, but it’s definitely worth it. You can get artificial grass in Dubai from Z&S Carpets.

Quintessential Lawn 

Artificial grass is tough enough to withstand heavy foot traffic, it would be a perfect match for a lawn. You can take a barefoot stroll on the lawn without any issues as it would bring a soft surface to touch your foot. Moreover, you don't have to water it or maintain it efficiently. There are wide options to choose from to make your lawn look beautiful with look-alike original grass. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about water restrictions as installing artificial grass is always a better idea than a natural lawn. Contact our artificial grass suppliers in Dubai to get you beautiful spaces with synthetic grass. 

Add Soft Green to the Balcony

Lush plant pots and a bit of green grass can enhance your urban terrace into a beautiful garden. Synthetic grass is an impeccable option for balconies and rooftop gardens where it is not practical to grow and keep green without a living ground. So bringing artificial turf is a great solution to create an artificial garden along with many pots of flowers and plants. 

Green up Outdoor Stairs

It is one of the creative ways in which you can install artificial grass. Using it on the hardscapes like outdoor walkway stairs can provide softer padding to walk on. You can bring in creativity and add unique designs, special stairs, temporary walkways, and even some spots like container gardens to make it look huge and great outdoors.

Lay Between Pavers

The hardscape can be softened with artificial grass used to cover the grounds which also acts as a transition from the paved space to the garden. This brings up aesthetically beautiful space and it doesn’t have to be moved often which is not that convenient with traditional grass as it can grow out disturbing the pavers.  

Patch of Green in the Tiled Yards

If you have a pet friend, they might need a soft space after all the plays and runs. Adding small patches of artificial grass will work in small backyards. It would also give a nice look to the floors which is visually pleasing. 

Place It Under Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor lounges can enhance their look with various designs like adding a patch of grass under the furniture to create a natural yet artificial habitat with a soft surface under your feet. Chairs, sofas, dining tables, and other furniture look inviting with soft grass beneath them. You don't have to move your furniture often to clean it as it needs very less maintenance. 

Use Artificial Grass as a Doormat

Synthetic grass is one of the most useful materials for moving from one place to another. It is suggested to place a doormat-like artificial grass for the guests to wipe their feet before they get inside. Choose durable, tough, yet soft synthetic grass from artificial grass in UAE.

Replace Carpet Area

Some areas of the home can be challenging to place carpets in that they may occasionally seem moisture which can be extremely tricky and difficult to maintain. The best alternative you can use in this situation is synthetic grass. It suits admirably in areas like patios, swimming pools, and basements. It can also be used indoors like a living room where you can place your unique swing.  

Green Around Water Features

Speaking of water bodies and slippery surfaces, there are great chances there would be water splashes on the ground. To keep it non slippery and convenient, artificial grass is one of the impeccable options. It is efficient around pools, ponds, hot tubs, and even outdoor showers.  

Create Deluxe Seating

The grass is an ideal option to be placed under the seating providing a smooth surface to place your feet. But with its natural qualities, it can be itchy and can bring allergies that make it annoying sometimes. But don't worry, synthetic grass can give the same look and feel as natural grass. These can be replaced with real grass and can be used in various settings where you can enjoy sitting and walking on a soft and less-maintenance surface. You can place it on your patio and other areas to bring a green surface and a nature-appealing look to the floors. It can also be helpful in covering certain floor areas that need to be enclosed.     

To recapitulate, artificial grass is normally used for lawns. But, it can be used in an array of ways to enhance the look of the home providing you with a smooth surface to walk. They are not just for covering certain spaces but to enhance them in creative ways. You can create a unique patio or walkway with artificial grass which would have been beautiful but difficult to handle with natural grass. 10 Ways to Use Artificial Grass For Your Home might have given you insights into decorating spaces with synthetic grass. Contact Z&S Carpets, artificial grass suppliers in UAE to fill your spaces with quality grasses.